“10 Things”

So, I’m letting my coffee kick in some before doing some homework. Flipping through my LJ archives and thought I’d repost this for fun. Originally written February 2005. Get to know me a little more….

That “10 Things I’ve Done that you (Probably) Have Not” Meme

1. Kissed my beloved in a Real World house Confessional.

2. Drank Orangina out of a wine glass at a sushi restaurant on a Saturday night in Paris.

3. French kissed a Frenchman at the top of the Eiffel Tower.

4. Shook hands with Kip Winger.

5. Danced around in red bikini briefs and fishnets in a crowded downtown Detroit club (The State Theatre) with a Rocky Horror Picture Show cast who was missing their Frank.

6. Got hugs from Camryn Manheim, and “Susan” from Sesame Street.

7. Received a Cure clock for my [31st] birthday. (Thank you, honey!)

8. Seen a production of His Majesty by Harley Granville Barker. (I love you, honey!)

9. Been a VIP at Club O, a (female!) strip club in Harvey, Illinois.

10. Drunkenly feasted on chocolate chip muffins at a bodega on 7th Avenue late one night in NYC with Mom.


One comment

  1. This is one of my most popular posts, mostly due to all the hits I get from Kip Winger searches. Really, I didn’t realize how many peeps were searching him online.

    If you’re one of those Kip fans, thanks for stopping by and feel free to look around. Not much else on the Winger front, but there’s other stuff.

    I should scan and post my autographs for you guys. That’d be cool

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