Missing Maya

We caught the first post-writers strike Saturday Night Live the other night and overall: good stuff! The show’s inconsistency tunes Ernie out much quicker than me. I’ve been a pretty devoted fan for a long time, and am much more forgiving when a sketch goes sour. Having Tina Fey host was a wise choice, I thought–and I hope to catch at least some of the Ellen Page episode next week. Btw, she was ROBBED of that Oscar. Okay, not really. I mean, I didn’t exactly expect her to win, but it woulda been cool. I’d like to think she has time to sneak in another nomination down the road.


Loved the PMS medication commercial. Amy Poehler‘s appearance as Amber the one-legged girl on Rock of Love II (Ernie commented that Jason Sudeikis needed more makeup, but I guess it depends on how glam they wanted to make him). Loved Mike Huckabee‘s appearance on Weekend Update, as well as Tina Fey’s women’s issues monologue.

Fred Armisen does a pretty mean Obama.

I *heart* Kristin Wiig.

But as the opening credits rolled and we got to featured player, Casey Wilson (who was good and I’m sure she’ll grow the show goes along), we were like, What? No Maya Rudolph?! Call me behind the times (or in grad school), but I didn’t realize that she almost didn’t stay for this season at all. I of course googled to see what was up! Someone on Wikipedia either knew she wasn’t coming back after the strike and it was already updated, or else there was a hardcore with a contributor account cos it was up even before the show ended.

I never got around to dressing as her version of Donnatella Versace for Halloween. I will miss Nuni and Claire Huchtable and her Oprah, among others. Most of all, I’ll miss Peaches.

Peaches, WHO? you ask? Peaches of Peaches Show Bar, that is. WHAT?! You continue to ask. Here in the SB, down on Michigan St, south of downtown, there’s a place called Peaches Show Bar. I’m pretty sure it’s a strip club. But we were like, That sounds like a Maya Rudolph Sketch! Not so much as a strip club, but as a divey lounge club or something. Alas, our dreams have ended.

Best to you Maya! It’s been a blast…. 🙂

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