New “V” in the A/V Room!

So, in the back of my mind, I’ve been pondering what to do with the “visual” section of the A/V Room. Since WordPress doesn’t have its own in-house photo album feature (that I know of….) like my old site has. I needed a plan. I knew I wanted something separate from my Flickr gallery. THAT much I knew.

Yesterday while procrastinating on homework, I decided to go with Picasa Web Albums. It makes sense since I’ve already downloaded the Picasa software to help with photo editing. The software and the site work well together, and I like the site’s features.

I’ve created two Picasa albums.  First,  rehearsal, promo, and backstage photos from my 2002 production of The Melted Lampshade.  Second, my “Hall of Fame” which includes photos of me with various writerly, actorly, and musical peeps.

I’ve also linked to Joe’s Flickr set from the April 2006 photo shoot we did for my previous site.  Thought I’d share both the good and the sun blinded with you this time around.

So, click on the A/V Room tab above to check ’em out.  I have others I can gather, but as spring break has come to a close, I should keep up with more homework this week. 🙂

Comments welcome here and/or in the Guest Book.

And Happy St. Paddy’s Day!


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