Cure Bound!!!

In case there’s anyone out there who does not know already, The Cure is my ultimate favorite band in the universe and beyond. When they announced their North American tour for this past fall, my friend Nikki and I snatched up Main Floor tix for the Chicago show. But then they postponed the tour for spring. My worst fear came to fruition when the new Chicago date would not work for me. At all. Will be slightly out of town then.
BUT with the new schedule, they added more US dates. This morning, I hopped into the Cleveland pre-sale and snatched up a single ticket. Yeah, I’m going by myself. As much as I’d love to go with Nikki, she didn’t want to go to both, as she has to save money for stalking Duran Duran 🙂 . My best friend, Chris, WILL be going to the Chicago show (we ended up getting different sets of tix based on limits). So, I’m like, I’ll go myself to Cleveland if I have to.
I can’t not go. Not an option. It’s been four years, and who the hell knows when the NEXT time will be. We’re still not sure when the next ALBUM will be out. Latest I heard was early June….
Ticketmaster kept spitting out Lower Level, which woulda been find and all. But with a little patience, I landed a 13th row ticket! 13th row for their 13th album. Left side, I think Porl’s side. I’m SOOO excited! Their music has been so integral to my being for almost 20 years (I was a pre-Disintegration era convert). Cure fans get obsessive. I’ll proudly own up to it.
This will be my 6th Cure show. 1992, 1996, 2000 (twice, including 2nd row in Detroit!), and 2004. Could’ve gone in 1989, but I was stupid and didn’t take my other friend, Chris, up on the offer.
Some day I may post deeper thoughts on various songs, albums, etc. Would be a cool personal project.
Currently listening to Mixed Up in celebration. I realized I never got around to ripping it into my iTunes. Crazy!

3 thoughts on “Cure Bound!!!

  1. Congrats on the eventual score. I had some “mods” as I’ll call them in my high school very into the whole R. Smith look. It put me off of them for the longest, while I gravitated to the more hesher-friendly sounds of DK, BH Surfers, Big Black, and my favorite band that Smith finds did a better version of “Just Like Heaven” than he did, Dinosaur Jr.

    “Kiss Me…” is an obvious fav of mine, as it was what came out when I first heard of them. A very pretty gal in my freshman prealgebra glass use to rock the album t-shirt all of the time as well. I enjoyed Disintegration quite a bit, too.

  2. Nikki

    Congrats on the great ticket! I’m glad that you are getting to see them this time ’round. Oh…I have a taker on your ticket for the Chicago show!

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