Australia: The 50 Cent Version (no, not the rapper)

Colorful Alley
An alley in Melbourne.

There is much to write about and think about in all that is our adventures down under. Not to mention the photos!

I present to you this sort of summary, a list of thing that will hopefully benefit us all. I can share with you as much as I can in a short amount of time while also organizing my brain some. I jotted things down in one of my paper journals, but that got shot slightly to hell early on.

I plan to expand upon various things here in later posts (and elsewhere I’m sure). I

In Australia, We…

Fed kangaroos, held koalas, and were attacked by emus. Little penguins walked passed us on the beach from the ocean to their burrows. We saw platypuses and wombats and dingoes (oh my!). Sharks and stingrays swam over our heads.

Walked. ALL over Melbourne, Adelaide, and Sydney. Through hidden alleys filled with street art, cafes, and shops. To landmarks and beaches and through neighborhoods and gardens. Urban, suburban, rural and natural. Our feet and calves are still recovering.

Went to gaol.

Tried to not think about the non-existent exchange rate.

Had to adjust to a new coffee culture, looking the correct way before crossing the street, and European influenced Australian showers.

Ate a lot of Asian and fresh sea food.

Drank wine in South Australian vineyards.

Realized that Asian tourists really are that intense. Stereotypes come from somewhere, yo. The cameras may have gotten smaller, but still. Intense. 🙂

Saw a ton of theatre for young audiences in Adelaide (though Ernie was even more hard core than I was!). Saw some grown up theatre in Sydney (as well as an American movie). Will definitely write about all that.

Made new friends in Australia, Quebec, Argentina, and the States (etc.) Hi guys! 🙂 Went to parties hosted by the Danes & Swedes, Brits, Austrians, and the collective Asian delegates. Went dancing and drinking.

Were creatively inspired.

Got some reading done (though Ernie can go through books like Kleenex when we travel).

Had time with friends and with each other.

I feel like that covers it. I think. Like I said, more details to come. And the photos are under construction. Working on the Melbourne set. More to come!


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