Austalian Cultural Exchange: Showers, Hotels, & Telly

Walking into the bathrooms in our Australian hotels gave me pause when I took a look at our shower “doors.” Following European tradition, they all had these half doors of sorts. Stationary glass walls at the shower head end of the tub.

How queer.

Talk about impractical to this particular American. Ernie celebrated this Euro-trendiness, but, like with the coffee, I had to adjust.

Naturally, my uncivilized shower taking threw enough water on the bathroom floor to cure South Australia’s current drought. Drains were well placed on the floors and the provided floor mat was wrung out daily. Our Sydney hotel’s shower had a 6 inch hinged extension of sorts. I used that to my advantage, though by then I’d gotten a little better at keeping the water in the tub.

My coffee maker and full length shower curtain: two things I appreciate even more now that I’ve been away. 🙂

Our hotels were lovely in general. In Melbourne and Adelaide, we stayed at Oaks hotels. In Sydney, we stayed at The Vibe. The pool in Melbourne was like bathwater. Glorious. We didn’t get a chance to hit the pool in Adelaide, unfortunately, though there were a few times I could’ve used the hot tub. Unfortunately, the Vibe’s pool was outside. We attempted it once, but it really was too cold by the time we were in pool mode. Valiant effort, though.

Our Adelaide room was actually a 1 bedroom apartment, which was necessary for such a long stay. We had room to host a small gathering one night (using the kitchen to heat up nibbles), laundry (with the weird washer-dryer in one that I didn’t quite get, but managed to wash some necessary items). We also had a balcony whose sliding doors we kept open as much as we could since it would get real stuffy in there despite the A/C. We had an ocean view off to our right. The Sydney place felt a little cramped after such spacious digs.

Slim pickins on the TV station choices. Definitely not fully cable ready! Still, it was fun watching the local morning shows, even if the weather report was in Celsius, and I forgot my conversion formula in 5th grade. We did catch clips from the big rugby match between New South Wales and Victoria. That’s Ernie’s new favorite sport! He likes the drama. I also don’t think hit hurts that the guys look better without all those bulky pads in the way. It’s much more exciting than soccer!

We also caught this trashy British soap called Mistresses. It’s no Footballers’ Wives fo’ sho’!

One night in Sydney, we caught some of the Eurovision semi-finals. Some of it was great, and some was just plain scary. Ernie especially liked the guy from Denmark and the girl from Macedonia. Afterwards, they showed ABBA: The Movie. Totally 70’s cheesetastic! Makes me even more excited for Mamma Mia!”

Alright, enough for now. This was a little longer than I’d planned. That’s okay, though. Gotta get it all out! 🙂


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