Australian Culturual Exchange: Cross Walk & Car Ride

Slightly tweaked jottings from May 10, 2008:

The green lights are funny here. Rather, the walk signs—which are green men walking and not white. When the light changes, it makes a laser blast sound—pshew! and then rapidly clicks like it’s saying, “You better cross now or else I’ll explode.” Like that board game–I think it’s some sort of Concentration–where you have to get all the differently shaped pieces in their slots before the board pops and explodes the pieces everywhere. Funny! Is it maybe for the hearing impaired? I know it grabbed back my attention one point when I wasn’t looking.*

Riding in the front seat of the cab from the Adelaide airport was a little trippy. We had to put one of the suitcases in the back next to Ern, so I sat up front. As down here they drive on the left side of the road, I was next to the driver in the left side of the car. Where I’d be sitting to drive. I was sitting there, feeling like I should be driving, but not—and not being able to. It was a little like riding in the front car of the Red Line train in Chicago and facing the front, head on into the tracks—after getting my wisdom teeth pulled, still drugged and tripping out. Cool.

*I wanted to use Ernie’s iPod recorder to capture the sound but never got around to it. Thought maybe I’d find it online somewhere, but so far no good. They were in all three cities we visited. And someone help me out with the name of the board game. 😛


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