A Night Like This is Just Like Heaven

That's some history there, my friends.

Yeah I took that. How cool is that?! 13th row + zoom lens = Joy. 🙂 The fact that these days camera policies are more relaxed, being allowed to have a camera was quite the novelty. I didn’t go too crazy as I didn’t want the night to be all about the photos. But still WAY cool! Check out the complete set HERE.

Thanks to the fabulous work of Craig over at Chain of Flowers, I don’t have to obsess over keeping track of the set list. Especially when I totally blanked on the name of “Us or Them,” and angry number from the last album. Craig gets live reports! He’s kept quite the extensive archive. Check it out, and also check out the affiliated COF News Blog. Any real Cure fan checks this daily. 🙂 No, seriously. Here’s the complete set list from the Cleveland, Ohio show, June 18, 2008:

Tape (intro), Open, Fascination Street, A Night Like This, The End of the World, Lovesong, Want, Pictures of You, Lullaby, The Perfect Boy, From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea, Kyoto Song, Hot Hot Hot, The Only One, Charlotte Sometimes, Torture, Sleep When I’m Dead, Push, Inbetween Days, Just Like Heaven, Primary, Us or Them, Never Enough, Wrong Number, One Hundred Years, End

1st encore: At Night, M, Play For Today, A Forest
2nd encore: Three Imaginary Boys, Fire In Cairo, Boys Don’t Cry, Jumping Someone Else’s Train, Grinding Halt, 10:15 Saturday Night, Killing An Arab

That’s 3 hours! Not for the weak. It was hot and sweaty and fabulous and Ernie would’ve had a miserable time except for when they played a select few songs. Still a good mix of pop hits and hardcore fan faves, as well as three new songs off the new album (out in September). I’m bummed that they didn’t play the current single, “Freakshow.” I’ve been bouncing around that to several times a day. I’m also bummed that they didn’t play “The Blood,” one of my all time faves that I STILL haven’t seen live, even though they’ve played it 7 times this tour (yes, COF has kept track), and now that my show’s over, I’m comparing notes, especially for the Chicago show I would’ve been to if it weren’t for that whole Australia think. I’ve been avoiding that thus far. They’ve also played “The Big Hand” a handful of times. Holy cripity! That’s like a B-side (though many feel it shoulda made the Wish album cut.)

But enough of my nitpicking non-appreciative fan stuff. 😛 The show was AMAZING!!! My neck is still sore from dancing and bopping around. For the most part I had room to move. At first, I there was an empty seat on my right, but a few songs in, this girl made her way in. Not sure if she was a late single ticket holder or someone who snuck in from a not as groovy seat. The couples on either side of me would sometimes leave to get drinks. Silly. I just don’t get that. I played all instruments in my air band. I rocked.

So cool to have Porl back. Yay! His rocking out the piano solo on “Just Like Heaven” on his guitar was amazing. (No keyboards now in case ya didn’t know). I love Simon’s bass line on “Torture” and Jason’s drumming on “Push” was worthy of Greek gods. Yep. Robert doesn’t dance around a lot, but I did catch a shot him with his arms all up in the air. “Pictures of You” made me think of friends. “From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea” is always brilliant live. I don’t think I’ve ever seen “Kyoto Song” live. I need to make a little tally of all the songs I’ve seen live (with the help of COF of course) cos I’m nerdy like that. I loved the 3IB encore even though there were some fans who would’ve probably preferred the Faith encore. Idunno, I think I was in the mood for the cleaner groovier stuff. For a second, I thought they were going to segue into “Another Journey By Train,” the b-side to “Jumping.” A slight heart palpitation, but then they moved into “Grinding Halt” which had fists flying in the air. Yum!

I have my blue t-shirt and my tour book. *Love* I wore my “High” crab necklace.

I stalked the tour bus area for a while and met Shawn, a frequent COF commenter. Now, I am definitely a Cure nerd, but Shawn was rattling of names of remixes like they were his children. 🙂 I say that in the most celebratory way! Even I know so much. So we chatted, then joined another group on the other side of the bus area. But no luck. It was late and cold and my devotion was being slightly tested, but I hung out with peeps until we got a tip off that they might be heading back to the hotel soon. They were staying at the Ritz. Another guy I met, Howard, had met them outside the hotel earlier in the day. Damn! Had I done a little more research and gotten into town a little earlier…. Ah well. By 3 AM, we all decided to bail. The South Dakota girls weren’t coming back we figured. Howard decided to head out, and Heather and her son gave me a ride back to my hotel–the Comfort Inn right across the street from the stadium. No concert traffic for me! So, A for effort, right. Just being in the band’s presence so close (though not as close as those killer 2nd row tix on the Detroit Dream Tour stop in 2000) and being surrounded by their music live was all I could ask for. It really was a religious experience. I feel closer to any sort of higher power at a Cure show than I ever did in Church. I assume that each Cure show I go to is the last (unless, like I had tix for another show on the tour). Since who knows when or if they’ll be back. Still, we legions of Cure freaks wonder if they’ll tour again when the album actually comes out. Hmm….

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