Back to School

August, in addition to my posting the fabulous coffee poem which has brought many people to this site via search engines (that and all the people looking up Kip Winger! I didn’t realize so many people were searching for him. They’ve all ended up here. All of them I think.) Um, anyway, I say to everyone, stick around.

That’s a bundle of fragment sentences up there. Where was I going? Right. August. We did some traveling–visited our nephew in North Carolina and saw our niece again in Detroit. Baby Tour ’08 rocked! We also hit up Stratford for the Shakespeare Fest. Interestingly, I didn’t see any Shakespeare this time around, though Ernie and his dad did. I could get a post in there about all that. We’ll see.

It’s been a bit of a whirlwind since our return. That week between our travels and the new semester was, well, all about the new semester! Getting ready for it. This time around, I am not taking classes. Ultimately I decided to take some time to make some money, do some writing, ponder, etc, and we’ll take it from there.

As it turns out, my “professor hat” has gotten a good tightening. I was set to teach my class out in Elkhart, but I picked up a section on the South Bend campus as well. I’m teaching Intro to Theatre again, and so far so good. I have a little over 50 students between the two sections. Not sure if any of them have found this site at all, so Hi gang! The calendar is a little wonky this semester. I blame leap year. But I think I have a solid schedule that will probably change somewhere in there. Having last year under my belt has been a help in getting this year together.

For this semester, my goal is to evolve as a teacher (instructor, professor?) and hopefully inspire at least a handful of my students. Staying organized and on top of things will keep me sane. And I think I got everyone’s names down now. 🙂

I do also have my stories floating around my head. Some of it has made on paper these past few weeks, but I’ll get back to business in earnest soon enough. I re-read a more developed story I’ve been working on all this summer (“The Mail Slot” in case you’re keeping track). Lots of good stuff in there that’s all connected, but it may need a little boiling down before I expand it. Much to think about….

So that’s what’s going on. In case you were wondering. I enjoyed the rainy day this afternoon as I sat on my couch and re-read Oedipus. It’d been a while since I’ve actually read the thing. Quality stuff. I found a 2004 translation online that’s pretty accessible. The ones I have in print are pretty stodgy. We don’t want that.

While I’m here, giving a shout out to all my classmates and profs from last year.  Drop me a line!

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