NaNoWriMo Time is Nearly Nigh!!!

So, NaNoWriMo, or National Novel Writing Month is almost here.  50K words in 30 days.  I did this 2 years ago when I was unemployed and not in school.  Easy to win that way!  Last year was a bust.  I couldn’t even begin.  I was VERY employed and IN grad school.  No way in heckle.  For sure.

This year, I am employed, my school involves my teaching, but I’m not taking classes.  I think I can strike a balance I hope.  However, I am bending the NaNo rules to my will.  Here’s my official blurb on my NaNo profile:

Right now, the plan is to make NaNo work for me and my current writerly goals. Cranking out a whole novel doesn’t really make sense to me. So the plan is to take the month to develop some short story ideas and build my repertoire. I may find I also have a solo performance piece or other creative non-fiction in there as well.

While some ideas are a sentence or two, others have a few hundred words of free writing behind them, which could ultimately end up in the word count. If that’s technically “cheating” I guess I’d say that while others are writing and not thinking TOO hard, I’ll be slowing down here and there to edit and shape. So we cool? Between now and then, a few more ideas will probably pop into my head with little to no development whatsoever.

I picked “Literary Fiction” again cos that can mean anything, really. Right? It’ll be a bit of a mish-mash. The current “title story” [Devil Jello] will probably be some sort of twisted Lake Woebegone-esque tale. Others will be…different. We shall see….

Alright, onward.

If you’re NaNo-ing this year, I’d love for you to add me to your writing buddy list.  Visit my profile HERE.

Since writing that blurb a month ago, indeed a few more story ideas have popped into my head.  We’ll see how many I get to, and what would be really cool is that some of them will even have endings!  Woot!  I’ve already gone to a few gatherings with my local region–I’m a member of the Notre Dame region, which includes peeps from all over “Michiana.”  A cool possee.  I hope to make it to at least a few more as we get in full gear.

So, wish me luck and I extend the same to you in all your creative endeavors in the final stretches of 2008.



  1. Hey Michael: How is NaNo going for you this month? I’m not participating but I’ve been writing more on my way, trying to get myself on a writerly schedule. Wake up early, write everday. It’s difficult so far.

    Also, I like your 365 day photo project. Interesting!

  2. Eric, Nano was a bust. But like I’ve said, I’m proud of what I’ve gotten out. Now, to deal with it. And everything else.

    The 365 project has been fun. Sometimes the shots are more set up, others are way more casual and snapshot-esque. There are people doing it (including a few of my Flickr contacts) who get real artistic and technical. I’m not quite there yet, but the whole thing is evolving. It’ll be a cool little document of a year.

    I also think some of them belong in the modeling portfolio I’ll probably never have. 😛

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