So, we made it back to Chicago!  Very exciting.  The boxes are just about unpacked and the books are almost organized.  It’s the details right now.  Finishing up our classes in South Bend and forging ahead in the city. More details on that.  I haven’t made it to the Lake yet, except by car.  It’s close enough, though!  Looking forward to warmer days and getting over there.  Driving in and out of the city, we see plenty of runners along Lake Shore Drive.  I always want to bust out in this classic Sesame Street song.  I’m more of a biker, though.  Something about just my feet and the pavement doesn’t work for me.  At least at accelerated speeds.  I have much more stamina on my bike.

Watch the video, sing along, and Happy Spring.

More to come…. 🙂

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