Albums of My Decade ~ 2005

In case you missed it, here’s Part 1 ~ 1999-2004. Instead of this being “Part 2,” well, I finished writing up 2005, so I thought I’d post.  The rest will come as they will.   Happy New Year! 🙂


Brokeback Mountain ~ Soundtrack. Haunting score for an amazing movie.  This album also introduced me to Teddy Thompson and Jackie Greene.  And only has minimal Rufus Wainwright who I can only take in small doses.

Depeche Mode ~ Playing the Angel. The last DM album in my collection was Violator on cassette (in a time before my laptop, iTunes, and replacing my cassettes with borrowed CD’s).  My friend Nikki snagged some floor seats for their Chicago stop.  So I snatched up the CD (I think at Virgin!) and recharged my love of the band, the last spike being in 11th grade.  It’s a more mature DM with a dark groove that drew me in.  Dark, but still accessible (accessibility may be what’s lacking in the new one, which I have, but really haven’t given a chance).  Fave songs are “Suffer Well” and “Precious.”  The concert was amazing, complete with old favorites that took me back to different times.

The Fray ~ How to Save a Life. Didn’t really get into this until 2006-07 when it exploded onto the world.  The whole album is amazing and I never get tired of the title song.  This album is the good memories from our time in South Bend, Indiana.  Haven’t picked up the new one yet.

Girlyman ~ Little Star. Discovered them when they opened for Dar on that year’s tour.  A gay-lesbian folk trio—how awesome!  Gorgeous harmonies, some banjo playing, and my first folk-star crush (Nate!).  Fave songs are “One the Air,” “Young James Dean,” and “This Is Me.”  This is their 2nd album (my copy’s signed as well), and their 4th just came out.  Don’t have anything else, though would like to.  If I never get around to it, I’ll always have this little gem.  Thanks!

Amos Lee ~ Amos Lee. Another random Virgin Music purchase that was totally on sale, Lee’s first album is soulful folk, a comfortable pairing with the first John Mayer.  Good chill out music without being boring, appropriate music for friends over.  Faves are “Seen it All Before” and “Love in the Lies.”  Like Girlyman, I don’t have any subsequent releases, but this one will always have a place in my heart.

Madonna ~ Confessions on a Dance Floor. American Life wasn’t bad, but this was the Madonna album we were waiting for!  The best dance album since Kylie’s for me this decade.  We first listened to it on AOL before the official release in November.  We rented a car for the holiday travels, rode with MK and this got us home.  As I wrote, the trip was “like Too Wong Foo, but without the break down.”

Jason Mraz ~ MR. A-Z. At first, it seemed like a sophomore slump for Jason.  BUT.  It’s definitely grown on me over the years and I love-love it.  “Life is Wonderful” is a fave Mraz song.

Dar Williams ~ My Better Self.  Another solid Dar offering.  A kind of return to form and clocks in 12 minutes longer than Beauty.  Dar’s signature mix of the quirky, serious, political are on here.  “Teen For God” gives us another side of the “Christians and the Pagans” story.  “Empire” is not playing nice, but doesn’t get ranty either.  “The Hudson” is an all time Dar fave, which I still haven’t seen her play live.  It takes us on a journey just as rivers do, and is the perfect album ender.


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