Thanks, Story Club!

Last night, in my continuing Chicago reading series exploration, I finally hit up Story Club. The series lands once a month on a Thursday at Uncommon Ground  on Clark, and features a couple of featured writers and five open mic slots.

Friends Ben & Shea joined me early for dinner.  I wanted to guarantee a seat–and hopefully a slot.  Since I was on it, I snagged the second slot.  The first went to a Club regular, which was fine by me.  I’ll take second.  Partly due to time restrictions, I read my Cub Scout piece, The PB Club, originally performed in Solo Homo 4 (2006) with NewTown Writers.  AND, soon to be published in the next issue of Off The Rocks–more to come on that!  While not solidly memorized this time, the piece is pretty much lodged in my brain.  This helped for sure.  While I’ve been doing the solo shows for a while, these reading series are fairly new to me, so each time I deal with a new space, a new music stand, microphone, etc. the better it gets.  People laughed and seemed to enjoy it.  Yay. 🙂

I had the chance to chat with a few of the other readers–Kevin (whose fable of a boy living in a box reminded me of an old play of mine from once upon a time) and Jen, who has recently trademarked the concept of the Darth Vader boyfriend.  And Dana, the Club’s host and founder–thanks again!  Photos were taken, so I’m guessing they’ll be up on the Club site soonishly.  I’ll link so you all can check out this month’s “cast.”

I hope to hit up more Club dates in the future…! 🙂

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