Coffee Boy-The Movie!

So, my dear college friend, Erwan, has written a screenplay based on my short stage play, Coffee Boy. He and his team start shooting in Paris this weekend. Very exciting! Wish I could be there. Alas, I look forward to seeing the final results. These are some of his thoughts on the project. I’m also trying out this whole Liking and Reblogging feature on WordPress.

More Coffee Boy news to come….

Monday night. Or early Tuesday morning, I should say, since it’s twenty past midnight… One week from now, I will most probably be in the midst of a Post Shooting Depression, wondering whether or not I have everything “in the box”, like we say in French, agonizing over the fact that there’s no way to redo anything. My fate, and the project’s, will be sealed. In just three days, I will put on my director’s suit and get ready to shoot this project … Read More

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