An Official Hello (Again) To Chicago

I realized that while I’ve updated my various social medias and other parts of this site, I haven’t really made an “official” Back to Chicago blog post. So I thought I’d write a little something to here. Perhaps not as extensive as my Official Farewell, but a little something to at least curb any confusion.

I moved back in July after some adult conversations, spring into summer travels, and much personal reflection (and tears, to be honest). I almost didn’t move back for what I’m calling Chicago 3.0 (1998/2009/2018). But as I wrote in my story Salzburg, my resistance was eroded away by the Lake, a couple BFFs, and several PBRs.

I haven’t seen that Lake much these past few months, though there’s no reason I can’t bundle up and make a winter sojourn. That’d be cool. The above selfie was taken back in October on one of my many Lakefront Trail bike rides. The Montrose Harbor area is a favorite.

I am happy to be back, connecting with old friends and making lots of new ones; connecting with old places and making new discoveries. My vintage courtyard building apartment in my new neighborhood is coming along bit by bit and I love it. As you may have noticed, I’ve jumped right back into the Chicago storytelling community with group and solo appearances. I look forward to continuing that journey.

Now that I’m (sort of mostly-ish?) settled, I am taking 2019 to dive into more freelance and other job opportunities. I have a great restaurant job, but frankly I don’t want to do that forever. I’m looking to take my writerly/arts/nonprofit/hospitality experience points to the next creative level(s). Feel free to contact me about any opportunities you may have handy. (Thanks!)

I suppose I could go on, but I’ll save further waxing poetic for another time. I’ll simply end with It’s good to be home.

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