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Coffee Boy: The Film

The short film based on my play Coffee Boy. Adapted and directed by Erwan Ripoll. (France, 2010). Visit the film’s IMDB page for more info. 

Angry Young Man at Mortified Chicago:

Note: This audio is Not Safe for Work, yo. Wear your earbuds.

Radio DePaul Reading & Interview:

Listen to my Radio DePaul reading and interview on the DePaul Student Writer’s Series from January 20, 2012. I read Dance of the Ring and More Than Words and discuss my work and writing process with show hosts Marcy Farrey and Colin Harris.

The Ramble Redhead Show:

Take a listen to my interview (in two parts!) with Ramble Readhead! He’s a fabulous South Bend, Indiana based podcaster who interviews various cool peeps in the glbt community. I say “You know” a lot. A lot.