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Coffee Boy: The Film

The short film based on my play Coffee Boy. Adapted and directed by Erwan Ripoll. (France, 2010). Visit the film’s IMDB page for more info. 

A Love Poem for Sleepaway Camp at Freezeray Poetry:

Read and/or listen to my ode to this early 80s cult slasher film!

Angry Young Man at Mortified Chicago:

Note: This audio is Not Safe for Work, yo. Wear your earbuds.

Radio DePaul Reading & Interview:

Listen to my Radio DePaul reading and interview on the DePaul Student Writer’s Series from January 20, 2012. I read Dance of the Ring and More Than Words and discuss my work and writing process with show hosts Marcy Farrey and Colin Harris.

The Ramble Redhead Show:

Take a listen to my interview (in two parts!) with Ramble Readhead! He’s a fabulous South Bend, Indiana based podcaster who interviews various cool peeps in the glbt community. I say “You know” a lot. A lot.