He’s a Writer AND a Fighter

Back on January 30, despite school being closed due to the lovely weather we’re been having here in the South Bend area (or “The SB” as Ernie and I call it) , the English Department went ahead with the planned visit by Sam Sheridan, author of this book:

Yeah, that’s him and his blood on the cover. We read the book for my Creative Non-Fiction class, and through various connections, we were able to get him to visit from his home in LA. It’s a pretty good read, but it was interesting to hear from Sam how there are parts he would love to rework. Goes to show that even if something is published–doesn’t necessarily mean it’s finished.

The week before the reading, my class discussed his more journalistic approach and the distance that sometimes entails. I appreciated that element, but of course still enjoyed the more personal sections. He got in the ring and wrote about the life, the people, the business, etc. He frighteningly covers dog & cockfighting in Asia, and waxes philosophical about masculinity, aggression, etc.

He was really cool and talked some about the writing and publishing, but also a lot about fighting. He also brought along one of his MMA (mixed martial arts) buddies, Rory, who’s 14-4 I think. You can tell he’s been beat up a few times.

So, um, dig the pic of me and Sam? He was like We have to do a fighting pose. Either a fist or the index finger. See how butch I’m trying to be? Ernie was like, You look so SMALL next to him. Seriously, his hands are as big as my head.

My prof, Kelcey, mused some in the following week’s class about fighters and writers, and how Sam’s discussion of the training–physical, mental, spiritual–could be paralleled with a writer’s life. I dig that. I’d like to think this whole grad school thing is a part of all that. 🙂

So when I get overwhelmed and discouraged, I should just picture myself in the ring and think either Do it! Or look like the cover of Sam’s book….