There’s a new President in my Coffee!

88/365 ~ Inauguration Coffee
Inauguration morning coffee with Obama.  Yay!  Another Christmas gift from Ernie’s folks.  Love it!

I’m not left handed, but had to hold it this way so you could, you know, see the design. 😛

I was on campus by the time the big event rolled around.  The Student Activities Center held an event in one of the conference rooms.  Cool.  Thought I’d see my writing prof, Kelcey, but don’t know where she ended up. Saw a few of my students from last semester.

I started choking up a little when Biden was took the oath.

So maybe Obama and Justice Roberts shoulda rehearsed beforehand?  Not that I’m gonna fault our President.  Roberts did kinda make it seem like he was taking that pause. And that probably set Obama into a little tailspin. At least it makes him human.  Though we probably would’ve crucified W. for it.  Right?  But that’s beside the point. Heh.   I woulda been nervous up there too.  There’s always Inauguration 2013 to make up for it. 🙂

His speech was beautiful.  This is not going to be one of those blogs that analyzes everything.  I just know I feel a little more safe and calm and optimistic.  This country got a little re-boot this afternoon.  We can always use a re-boot in our lives sometimes, however big or small.

Aretha did pretty well.  Totally made up for that dreadfully tragic appearance on Dancing with the Stars. 😛  Loved her hat.

I liked the poem.  I’ll have to look it up and re-read it. 🙂

It’s all a beautiful thing.

Had class this afternoon, which I think went pretty well.  We’re getting into our groove.  Then early dinner at Hacienda with Ernie and Sam.  Ern’s at rehearsal, and I have Personal Response Papers I can start to look at and maybe pass out for a little bit.  Something like that.


Happy New Year!

64/365 ~ Perform Random Acts of Shakespeare.

Happy 2009!  I realized the other night that this was the last New Year’s Eve that people can wear glasses made out of the new year. I mean, that impaired vision from the 1 in 2010 plus alcohols spells trouble, if ya ask me.

To get a little nostalgic for a moment, ten years ago, New Years Eve 1998-99 was spent at Roscoe’s. It was my first New Year’s Eve in Chicago, and I hung out with Raul, Franz, and the rest of my Roscoe’s gang. Somewhere I have a Polaroid that was taken that night. At midnight, I was on the stage–I’m pretty sure with Raul–at the back of the dance floor. Prince’s “1999” blasted and balloons filled with cash fell from the ceiling. I got $5. Sweet. That was the night I bumped into my friend Eric in town with his boyfriend (also Eric) and friends from Ann Arbor.  If I remember correctly, as the night evolved, I hung out with them and we may have gone elsewhere? Not sure. That was also the night it started snowing. Real hard. ‘Twas Chicago’s worst blizzard in 20 years. I think I could see out of 3 inches of my garden apartment bedroom window. My roommie, Sarah, and I marched through the snow to meet the Erics and Co at the Boystown I-HOP. Our waiter’s name was Sugar Tits. It was a bitch getting downtown to my office job that Monday. All the Red Line cars were packed by the time it reached Addison. I took the Clark bus instead. Good times. 🙂

So, like my new sweatshirt?  Ernie’s folks gave it to me for Christmas.  Cool.  This photo is from my 365 Flickr project.  Click the photo to get over there.

Enjoying the break from school.  I’ll start thinking about the next semester maybe Monday.  Not before.  Catching up and forging ahead.  Organized some writerly things on my computer and in my head.  Like breaking up the short story collection that was my unfinished NaNo project.  Now they have their own folders and I can give them some individual love and attention.  Now  I just gotta give them that love and attention.

Photo stuff, thinking about life, watching movies, thinking about dusting but not quite getting to it.  Contemplating whether to buy the physical CD of the new Killers album or downloading the delux version from iTunes.  I’m a little old school, still, so it’s not a no-brainer like it might be for some of the “kids” out there. 🙂  Probably will download.  Extra songs and the new video.  Also need to acquire (somehow…)  Teddy Thompson’s new album, A Piece of What You Need.  I’ve fallen in love with his 2006 album, Separate Ways, this fall.  I want to be his voice some times.  Have I mentioned that here?

Hey, so just saw that my UnAbridged Bookstore in Chicago (where Ernie and I met once upon a time…) started up their own WordPress blog.  Check it out!

More musings in the works….  Enjoy the down time.

Lake Effect

28/365 ~ Lake Effect

Winter comes early to Northern Indiana. This was taken yesterday. This is the only shot in which I’m really smiling. So I picked this one. While not exactly happy about shoveling, there is something beautiful about the first snow shovel of the year.

Then it gets real old real quick.

Stay warm, everyone. 🙂