There’s a new President in my Coffee!

88/365 ~ Inauguration Coffee
Inauguration morning coffee with Obama.  Yay!  Another Christmas gift from Ernie’s folks.  Love it!

I’m not left handed, but had to hold it this way so you could, you know, see the design. 😛

I was on campus by the time the big event rolled around.  The Student Activities Center held an event in one of the conference rooms.  Cool.  Thought I’d see my writing prof, Kelcey, but don’t know where she ended up. Saw a few of my students from last semester.

I started choking up a little when Biden was took the oath.

So maybe Obama and Justice Roberts shoulda rehearsed beforehand?  Not that I’m gonna fault our President.  Roberts did kinda make it seem like he was taking that pause. And that probably set Obama into a little tailspin. At least it makes him human.  Though we probably would’ve crucified W. for it.  Right?  But that’s beside the point. Heh.   I woulda been nervous up there too.  There’s always Inauguration 2013 to make up for it. 🙂

His speech was beautiful.  This is not going to be one of those blogs that analyzes everything.  I just know I feel a little more safe and calm and optimistic.  This country got a little re-boot this afternoon.  We can always use a re-boot in our lives sometimes, however big or small.

Aretha did pretty well.  Totally made up for that dreadfully tragic appearance on Dancing with the Stars. 😛  Loved her hat.

I liked the poem.  I’ll have to look it up and re-read it. 🙂

It’s all a beautiful thing.

Had class this afternoon, which I think went pretty well.  We’re getting into our groove.  Then early dinner at Hacienda with Ernie and Sam.  Ern’s at rehearsal, and I have Personal Response Papers I can start to look at and maybe pass out for a little bit.  Something like that.


Happy Holidays!

53/365 ~ Glow

Happy Holidays, everyone!  This isn’t necessarily the prettiest picture of me, but it’s handy.  It’s one of my Oh crap, I almost forgot to take a photo today for my 365 day project.  It is festive, though, and the slightly bedraggled look matches my world.  Still coming down from a crazy wonderful challenging semester.

I’ve definitely grown as an instructor and theatre guy.  Hope everyone in my class had an overall good time and have grown in their own ways.  Not everyone could appreciate Ernie’s production of Holding the Man, an Australian gay AIDS play.  I wanted to link to the South Bend Tribune article, but it’s now only accessible by subscription.  Meh! 🙁   It’s a provocative play and personal reaction ran the full spectrum. I mean, the FULL spectrum.  So navigating through my responses to some of them was challenging, but character building.  I stand by all of my decisions here.  I know I might be a little vague here on this very public forum, but I’m just not going to get into specifics right now.  I’ll just say that not everyone thought such work should be produced in this more conservative area, and I strongly disagree.  So there. 🙂 Grades are in,  my next semester’s class is full, and I’m on holiday.  Yay!

I finally finished the collection of Tobias Wolff stories, In the Garden of the North American Martyrs, that I’ve been working on for a couple months, I’d guess.  SO good.  I pretty much read the last three stories back to back, and was like Damn.  I know that’s not the most thoughtful review.  But his stories are inspiring and are worth revisiting.  Late last night I cracked open my brand new copy of A Lion Among Men, Gregory Maguire’s latest Wicked book.  So excited to read an actual novel.  And to read something that’s not a student paper or anything theatre related.  That’s what holiday breaks are for!  I do also have an issue and a half of  Poets & Writers to read through.  Thank Zeus it’s a bimonthly publication.  I think they know their audience well. 🙂

Have some writerly things at the tips of my fingers and brain as well….

Much to do and people to see.  Be well and merry and warm and bright!