Large cast with parts for both adults and children.
Contains royalty-free and classic songs.

Originally produced by the Marquis Theatre of Northville, Michigan. Directed by Ernie Nolan, August-September 2003.

A new and expanded version of the classic story co-written with director Ernie Nolan.

Troublemaker and teller of tall tales Goldilocks is on a picnic at Mount Blueberry State Park with her classmates from Mount Blueberry Elementary School (including bully Billy Joe and worry wart Lulu Sue, etc) and her teacher, Mrs. McGillicutty. The class is joined by Ranger Dan (who happens to be afraid of bears and whose heart Mrs. McGillicutty yearns to capture.) As they go on an expedition to find the rare and mysterious Cucamonga bird, Goldilocks stays behind. Alone with the baskets, she meets Baby Bear, whose parents, Buelah and Bertrum, have warned him about humans and the germs they spread.

When she is reunited with her class, she tells of her bear sighting. Her classmates, not believing her, dare her to go into the woods and prove it. Thus begins Goldilocks’ coming upon the bear cottage and the classic scene ensues. As the bears chase Goldilocks through the woods, they are joined by her class–and the chorus of bees who act as messengers of Mount Blueberry. When Baby Bear falls into Mount Blueberry Pond, rescue efforts help forge stronger bear-human relationships. Old rivalries are dismantled and understanding and tolerance is gained–and love blooms like a honeysuckle rose between Mrs. McGillicutty and Ranger Dan.