3 Men, 1 Woman

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Shortly after moving into his new apartment, Eric, a gay white man, starts receiving messages from Reginald, an office worker with holy aspirations at the all African American Mt. Zion First Holy Miracle Baptist Church on Chicago’s South Side. At first annoyed by these calls, Eric eventually becomes fascinated with them–but also starts to wonder why he is receiving such calls. After a year, he receives a call about the death of church member, Lulu Drayton. He is thrown into a whirlwind of sadness, wondering why he cares so much for this woman he never knew. Through “conversations” with Reginald, Eric starts a campaign of spiritual and cultural connection to the black church as he searches for his own gay identity.

Meanwhile, Eric’s sensitive and quiet boyfriend, Scott, has not told Eric, “I love you” since the death of his mother a few months before. He has become emotionally and physically distant in their relationship. Eric begins to doubt the stability of their relationship. Scott befriends Tamron, an African American homeless woman (and former shampoo girl) who has been searching the city for her old phone number which she feels will lead her back to the man whose calls she misses…. Tamron’s own connection to Lulu Drayton and Mt. Zion is discovered, as well as the passionate fire in her heart and the destructive fire that burned down her home.

As the journeys of Eric, Scott, Tamron, and Reginald all intersect at Lulu Drayton’s funeral service, the results of these unlikely of relationships are discovered and they learn how one woman’s sin tore people apart–and brought them back together.

The Lulu reading cast, 2004: Derrick Cole, Michael Rashid, Josh Sumner, Michelle Taylor

The Lulu reading cast, 2004: Derrick Cole, Michael Rashid, Josh Sumner, Michelle Taylor

Michael & Dom

Director Domenick Danza and myself.