Full Length
3 Men, 2 Women, Plus 1 Man & 1 Woman to play multiple roles

Audra has recently moved, and in unpacking, she rekindles her relationship with her childhood Doll that her mother bought for her at a yard sale. She decides that what she needs to complete her new apartment is the perfect end table. This search and her years of yard sale shopping lead her to Rip, a carnival huckster type character running a mysterious yard sale. There, the objects for sale, including a Vase and a Book, tell her strange tales about how they were lost by their owners.

As she returns to Rip’s sale, she suspects a connection between Rip and her missing brother, Jason. Meanwhile, Jason is not physically far from Audra at all, but mentally is on a Ride that leads him on a sky ride with kites, to the very theatre where the play is presented, memories of his own relationship with the Doll, and the night he got to be where he is. His only hope appears to be in the form of a Mailman who could quite literally deliver him to freedom.

We learn that Rip himself has orchestrated the events, with the help of the siblings’ minds–and that what he wants is the very thing that is synonymous with his own loss….


The Eulogy Stalker

Full Length
3 Women

A mysterious death, a funeral, a eulogy: Aunt Rosemary, local stage star, has died. Janice-Ann, her favorite niece, says the words of honor. But who are eulogies for? The living like we’ve learned? Perhaps the dead need them more than we think.A legacy, an understanding: Janice-Ann questions her role in the family. Rosemary has the answer. But they need to connect. They search for the answers to this death. No concrete conclusion. No one to greet Rosemary in Heaven. A mistake has been made.Admiration, obsession: Sommer Savory, shy girl and self-proclaimed number one fane of Rosemary is so enraptured by Janice-Ann’s words, she calls (again and again and again) to request help in writing a eulogy for her own dying father. Somer is also driven by a need for family and her search for a missing sister. But what is her connection to Rosemary and the family? To Rosemary’s death? Why is she the only one Rosemary can speak to?A Biblical legend with modern parallels: A flight from Egypt, a flight from the gangster-ridden streets of 1920’s Chicago. The vibrations of fluttering cloth wrapped around rosemary plants. Vibrations that turned flowers blue. Vibrations that kept a family safe. Why did they stop?Three women with intertwining journeys through Heaven, earth, a stage, herb gardens, and a kitchen table warmed by hot cocoa and the glow of a Blessed Mother nightlight….

Drats (a farce of sorts)

3 Men, 2 Women
Poor Brett. On this night he gets up to use the bathroom and discovers a rat scampering across his path and into the bathroom. Terrified, he buries himself under his blankets hoping the rat won’t eat him. Meanwhile, his roommate Zandra (not Sandra!) has called 911 for assistance. Andrew, a studly police officer, arrives on the scene. Both Brett and Zandra desire him, and though Andrew embraces Zandra, a flirtatious signal or two is sent Brett’s way.

While they’re off on their mission to catch the rat, Rat appears. She is an enchantress dressed all in black–an actress hired to play the rat since rats cannot speak. She embodies the rat’s persona as she tells of her middle-of-the-night observations of the roommates. But as the play goes on, she steps outside of the rat and into her true self, confessing her own feelings toward Brett that she knows will never be requited.

As Zandra tells a ghost story that connects those sticky rat traps with a Demon Lord of the Underworld and his plans to take over the world, a mysterious droning is heard. The next morning when Brett has a run-in with Harrison, his co-worker at his temp job, they all soon discover that the ghost story is quite real. When Andrew and Zandra (and Rat) go in search of Brett, they all end up prisoners of the Underworld. Only through Rat’s love of Brett and a little known demon antidote can their lives–and the world–be saved.

In the end, lessons of tolerance and understanding are learned, realizations are made, and love is in the air–or at least a couple kinky fantasies may come true….