3 Women, 3 Men, 1 Boy (Age 10)

What–or who–would it take to free us from the notions that entrap us most? On an extraordinary autumn afternoon in the 1950’s, the DeKirk family may just find out.

Meet Evelyn, the mother, a former child beauty queen who longs to take top prize of Miss America. Victor, her husband, is a butcher who on his off time hunts for Communists and Nazis in the backyard. Rue, Evelyn’s younger sister, is a 3rd grade teacher whose soul feels the rhythms of the Beat Generation. Jake, Victor’s eccentric and closeted older brother, visits the house this day after returning from one of his many work related travels. Grandma, Rue and Evelyn’s mother, has an affinity for match making and pink flamingo lawn ornaments. Eddie, Evelyn and Victor’s 10-year-old son, has a fondness for tin cans and finding sanctuary in his tree house.

As is often the case, secrets and truths stir below the surface of these often humourous quirks and peculiarities. An unexpected visitor takes the members of the family on journeys where the line between reality and impossibility is often blurred. Where will they be, both individually and as a family, when they make it to the other side? Where will they be when they are once again left alone with each other?

What appears on the surface to be a period piece kitchen sink (and backyard) play evolves into a world of imagination that the sit-com writers of the ’50’s never dared to tread.